Who is running for DA in Tarrant County?


Albert John Roberts

"I believe the citizens of Tarrant County deserve a District Attorney who will make sure justice is served and is fair, and ensure justice is both smart and accountable. I believe that if we can end the war on poverty and the failed war on drugs -- we can end mass incarceration. That is my mission."

Albert John Roberts' Platform



Sharen Wilson

“As your District Attorney, I am committed to honesty, transparency, and accountability at every level of our office. Since taking office, I have not been one to shy away from tough cases. I believe every victim and every defendant deserves their day in court, and it is our commitment to ensure justice, even in the most difficult of cases. We are committed to be a resource for knowledge and direction for victims of crime and our staff approaches each case with a commitment to compassion. I recognize that every dime we spend is hard-earned tax dollars and we have established efficient operations, allowing the office to come in under-budget every year, while also meeting challenges of growing population and increased technology.”

Sharen Wilson's Platform