Access Denied: How Race Shapes the Impacts of Long-Haul COVID

As we enter year four of the pandemic, and many public health protections have been eased or reversed, medical professionals are realizing we’re dealing with a new COVID-19 related condition: long-haul COVID. At the onset of the pandemic, it became apparent that communities of color, particularly Black communities, were bearing the brunt of COVID infection and hospitalizations, and it appears that Black communities are bearing the brunt of long-haul COVID. 


On this episode of Justice Above All, host Dr. Sandhya Kajeepeta walks listeners through how race shapes the experience of contracting and recovering from long-haul COVID. Featuring former Washington D.C. Public Health Commissioner Dr. Reed Tuckson, Yale School of Medicine Assistant Professor and epidemiologist Dr. Carol Oladele, and award-winning former teacher, activist and long-COVID patient Chimére Smith, this episode explores how pre-existing disparities are threatening Black communities’ risk of long COVID and what this means for the future of public health and economic stability. 

I'm not a writer. I'm not a panelist. I'm not a speaker. I'm not a consultant. I am a Black female, poor and disabled woman. That is what I can say in four words that long COVID has done to my life. It has completely devastated and uprooted everything I thought I knew about who I was, how my body worked, the confidence I held in our government and our healthcare system, the faith I had in people.

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