In the last year, discussion around the academic concept of critical race theory has skyrocketed. Since January 2021, 42 states have introduced bills or taken other steps that would restrict how teachers can discuss racism and sexism in the classroom. 17 states have actually imposed bans on these topics through legislation or other avenues. The Carroll Independent School District in Southlake, Texas has become ground zero for the tension between anti-truth and pro-equity campaigns. The spotlight that was on racial justice in 2020 ignited the largest multi-racial protests in American history. Many of these protests were led by students and their teachers, who were also calling for race-and equity-conscious curricula in schools. 

In this episode, host Dr. Kesha Moore unpacks the anti-truth movement and the coordinated attempts to censor the accurate teaching of American history. Justice Above All is joined by Katrina Feldkamp, Assistant Counsel for the Legal Defense Fund and Anya and Raven, two student leaders in the Southlake Anti-Racism Coalition. 

From Texas, to South Carolina, to Virginia, to Alabama, students are pushing to be taught accurate American history, which recognizes the role of systemic racism in the United States. Students are turning to social media like TikTok and Instagram to organize and call upon their local school boards to recognize the importance of anti-racist education. 

Pro-Truth Litigation

LDF and co-counsel are representing Southlake students and parents in an administrative complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights

LDF is working to protect truth in education in Alabama and South Carolina. Both states have introduced legislation that could threaten truthful and honest discussions of history in classrooms, universities, and state agencies. 


Truthful and inclusive discussions about United States history – like the Trail of Tears, Selma Bridge Crossingand the oppression of religious minorities – are essential to accurate and quality academic instruction and reduce the rate of school-based racial discrimination.  LDF partnered with other national and local organizations to urge people to stand up for the truth and submit testimony in opposition to the harmful bills introduced by the legislature.


Resources to help you engage more deeply with critical race theory and the efforts to protect equity-conscious education. 


An organization of over six thousand students fighting for racial justice in U.S. education systems.

Critical Race Theory FAQ

LDF has compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about critical race theory.