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Even before the COVID-19 Pandemic struck, many low-wage households struggled to pay their housing costs, utility bills, food costs, and afford medical care. Economic hardship resulting from the pandemic will disproportionately impact Black households. This report primarily focuses on the fair housing impacts of COVID-19 on Black communities. 

The report provides context for the current housing challenges Black communities face through the lens of the 2008 foreclosure crisis, walks through the current eviction epidemic disproportionately impacting Black renters, and provides details on recent legislative measures passed to protect homeowners and renters during the pandemic, while also suggesting several policy recommendations. 

UPDATE: Many of the measures outlined in our report have expired or are expected to expire this summer (2020). We’ve released an update to the report detailing the expirations and what must be done to protect homeowners and renters during the pandemic. You can read it here.